Navicula Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Navicula’s long journey since 1996 in the music world received appreciation at the 2021 Bali Music Awards (AMB). AMB 2021 were held on 25 April 2021 where Navicula received the prestigious ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

“We have to admit their journey has been extraordinary. In terms of age, they are not very old like most recipients of Lifetime Achievement awards in general. But in terms of achievement they deserve it,” said Rudolf Dethu, AMB Advisor and Advisor.

The figure who is known to be behind the success of a number of Balinese bands, from Superman Is Dead to The Hydrant, has followed the long journey of Navicula. “They deserve it. the perfect gift for his 25 year journey. And we can all see that every year their progress is extraordinary,” said Putu Wirata Wismaya.

Rudolf Dethu, a well known music commentator  “Not only in Bali, but also across Indonesia. Navicula is remarkable, as one of the judges during the selection process with AMB friends, everyone agreed  that Navicula deserves the Lifetime Achievement award.”

“Navicula is grateful to have grown and developed in Bali, in an environment where the art of music plays an important role in society,” said Gede Robi, the band’s vocalist and guitarist.

Robi said it was this environment that helped Navicula’s achievements during its 25 years of existence. “So we dedicate this award to Bali,” said Robi. “We don’t think of this award as the pinnacle, but we will make this award our spirit to work better in the future”.

Meanwhile, guitarist Dankie, said that this award was an encouragement for Navicula. “This 25 year award makes us feel younger. We will make this a new beginning for Navicula and we will meet again in 25 years,” joked Dankie alias Dadang SH Pranoto.

“We dedicate this award to Bali, who has forged and supported Navicula for the last 25 years, to the Indonesian music scene, to all humanitarian and environmental activists, and… to our late brother Made Indra,” reads an Instagram post on Navicula’s account.

Navicula is known for their grunge music which is influenced by Balinese culture. Navicula also uses a variety of music such as folk rock, psychedelic rock, funk, blues and punk.Because they are often involved in the world of social and environmental activism, they are nicknamed The Green Grunge Gentlemen.

Navicula’s work has also invited praise from Sandrina Malakiano, a journalist who also grew up on the Island of the Gods. “I am proud to say that I admire this band. Since hearing their song, I fell in love, they have a strong character,” said Sandrina.

Navicula is different in music because they combine journalism, with serious social, legal, and environmental issues. “In Indonesia there are many good (bands), but those who have consistently voiced this issue for 25 years are very rare,” said Sandrina.

Article adapted from Nusa Bali 

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