Navicula is an award winning psychedelic-grunge  band from Bali, Indonesia.

The band has a large following in Indonesia,  and have received extensive international recognition. They have toured in Australia, the United States, Canada and across Europe.

Navicula have released 10 studio albums, numerous singles and music videos. Their music has been featured  in a wide range of Indonesian and international TV programs, films and documentaries. They are currently recording their 11th album titled “Archipelago Rebels”.

2021 marks 25 years since Navicula’s formation. During this time, environmental issues and social justice have been a consistent theme of the band’s music.

Navicula’s music is strongly influenced by alternative 90’s rock, especially the grunge rock-Seattle sound of bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains, but their music combines other genres including ethnic, psychedelic, progressive, and straightforward rock.

The band’s lyrics are heavy with activism messages of Peace, Love and Freedom. Navicula believes that through art, a language youth can relate to, they are planting the seeds of change. Navicula supports a wide range of social and environmental campaigns in Indonesia and around the world.

Though the band has always been active in the indie music scene, in 2004 they signed a contract with Sony-BMG. Navicula released their 4th album, Alkemis, with Sony-BMG Indonesia. In 2007 they split with the label and returned to following their ideals through the indie music scene.

The Band


Vocals, guitar